Rufus Guitars

Rufus Guitars is an independent British guitar maker based on the Wirral. Their guitars are hand-made in their studio-workshop in Oxton and they try to use as many British parts and materials as possible This includes Tangent Pickups and selected wood grown and seasoned in the UK.

"Rufus Guitars started out life a few years ago as an attempt to answer a question: "Is it possible to make a guitar from British sourced materials?". There was nothing nationalistic or jingoistic in the idea - I simply wanted to know if it was a feasible or viable idea to make an environmentally friendly, locally sourced instrument. I have always loved the battered old workhorse, covered in stickers that's kept in the corner, the guitar that you grab because it's your favourite, not because it was the most expensive - this is the guitar that I wanted to make."

During the next twelve months, Rufus Guitars will be available via local retailers where you can try out the guitars for yourself.

Currently they make three models:


 Rufus 1.JPG


 rufus 2.JPG

Axis - coming soon