Patrick James Eggle

In the 30 years since Patrick James Eggle built his first guitar at school he has gained wide experience of designing, building and repairing all types and styles of guitar. In the early nineties he managed the production of solid body guitars at the Eggle company in Coventry, but by 1994 he had left the company to work alone, filling his time with repairs and building bespoke stringed instruments.

Eggle 1.JPG

He moved to the US shortly afterwards, returning in 2005 to open new purpose built workshops in Oswestry to produce acoustic guitars. All design and production is now completed in this beautiful area of Shropshire and the results are shipped to guitar aficionados, collectors and players throughout the world.

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There are five craftsmen including Patrick at the workshops in Oswestry. All of the timber and components are carefully sourced from the worlds finest suppliers, enabling them to build quality guitars with soul, individuality, wonderful sound and dazzling good looks.

Every instrument takes at least 12 weeks to complete - it’s a slow process, with each piece of wood being given time to settle and readjust as it takes form.


Retail Prices: £2000 - £3000