Juketone stands for what is important to every guitar player. A melting pot of style, traditionalism, quality and affordability. With one foot in the glorious past and one foot in the ‘now’ they have developed a range of Class A products to make any guitar player feel they have the best of both worlds. Their fresh approach has inspired players around the world and with an ever developing range and ideas Juketone have earned their place in today’s world of guitar amplification.

The concise range of valve amplifiers provides solutions for a range of styles and situations. For blues and rock and roll to Jazz and rock, from practice and recording through to performance the Juketone Royal Blood Series ticks all the boxes. Designed and engineered in the UK their amplifiers are manufactured in China to keep costs down.


They have had some great reviews recently, an 8/10 in Guitarist magazine for the True Blood 5F1 Champ clone model and a 4/5 review in Total guitar for their most popular model, the Royal Blood 10.

Sales are direct from their website only with prices starting at £250 for the True Blood 5W 5F1 valve amplifier. This amp delivers everything you would expect from the original 5w tube amplifier that was used by so many greats throughout the years, Joe Walsh, Eric Clapton, Slash, Keith Richards, Joe Perry and Robert Cray to mention just a few.

Hand wired with quality componets including a single Ruby 6V6 power tube, a Ruby 12AX7 in the preamp and a 6Z4 rectifier this amplifier oozes all the charm of the original. Yes, it doesn’t have a tone control, what do you think your guitar’s controls are for? One volume control is all you need to hear sweet cleans through to break up and into full volume distortion for that definitive sound…….and all at palatable volume. In all, a classic recording and practice amp with impeccable tone and looks.

The range includes the Royal Blood H Head at £250; Royal Blood 8 Combo at £265; Royal Blood 10 combo at £305 and the flagship Blue Blood Fender Deluxe Clone at £689. 

The Blue Blood valve amplifier takes on the classic Fender 5E3 Deluxe giving 20W of power, 5W more than the original and caries all the famous quirks that make this a truly great amplifier. Class A/B, and all hand wired and full of Ruby tube goodness.



Tel: 0843 289 8090