Jet City

Founded in 2009 in Seattle, USA and headed by Dan Gallagher, Doug White and Mike Soldano – a legend in guitar amplification. During the LA-based guitar boom of the late '80s/early '90s Mike Soldano's namesake amps were everywhere. The SLO-100 is arguably his most iconic design; a high-octane monster that allows tonehounds with enough cash to fill their nostrils with the stench of free-range valve distortion.

In 2009 Soldano co-founded Jet City Amplification with an aim to build affordable valve amps with a very simple, straight-ahead philosophy – giving the guitarist pure, straight-ahead all-tube tone — from shimmering clean to thick ‘n raunchy.

Designed in the US and hand-built in China under strict quality control.


Retail prices: £450 - £750