HOT boutique amplification is top quality high-end manufacturer of boutique custom all tube guitar, bass and other specialized amplification products and speaker cabinets. The HOT brand was founded in 1997 in Uherský Brod in the Czech Republic by Mr. Pavel Horký – the main engineer, designer and CEO of HOT amplification company. Since its start HOT has been successfully following its initial aim to build excellent customized all tube amplifiers of extraordinary sound quality built exclusively from selected finest quality high-end and “old-school” components and materials in order to provide its customers with genuine vintage sounding guitar and bass amplification products on the world’s top level. However, beside the unbelievably authentic vintage old school sounding amps, HOT Amps portfolio contains also modern and the world’s fastest response “rock beasts” perfectly mastering both modern and vintage sounds.

HOT have developed an ultimate all tube signature guitar amplifier for one of the most demanding professional musicians ever  - Arjen Anthony Lucassen... and succeeded! The result = a boutique three channel rock/metal all tube extreme machine called HOT Ayreon 2011!

HOT Amps production includes guitar bass and special (harmonica, violin etc.) fully hand-made all tube amplifier heads, combos as well as high quality speaker cabinets made of finest materials and speakers which have been designed to work in absolute accordance with HOT Amplifiers.

The portfolio of the HOT amplification company also comprises boutique guitar pedals of extraordinary manufacturing and tone qualities. The satisfaction of HOT Amps' customers and cooperation with professional musicians has brought over the years great experience to the sound of HOT Amplifiers.

HOT guitar and bass all tube amplifiers are fully hand-crafted (including unique “hand-written panels“) in the Czech Republic. HOT amplifiers are made by the POINT-TO-POINT, Hand Wired method. All components and tubes are carefully checked and selected in order to provide for the best clear and transparent sound. They use only quality materials and never use any semiconductors in signal path! In the case of switches in two or more channel amps they use relays exclusively! In their all guitar amps only tube rectifiers are employed.

One of the most interesting and crucial features of HOT Amps guitar and bass amplification products is that all amplifiers are designed the way that amplifier respects and lifts the sound character of a particular guitar used. Moreover, all amplifiers as well as speaker cabinets are fully customized and can be of classic vintage or modern look and sound.

Pavel Horký (main engineer and CEO at HOT Amps) joined forces with Martin Lukác (CEO at Musician’s Navigator & HOT Amps Custom Shop) in order to provide for excellent services on the international level.  Thus, MUSICIAN'S NAVIGATOR and HOT Amps become in the year 2010 “sister“ companies.


See and hear them in action: