Deltone Guitars

Deltone Guitars specialise in the recreation of vintage guitars from1950 - 1965 in sound, feel, build and looks using traditional methods, in electronics, and finish.


Derek Ryan aka Deltone Guitars says: “I’m a guitar maker and specialize in PRE-CBS style vintage Telecaster style guitars, most of which are relic’d but some are closet classic too. I build all my guitars from one piece light swamp ash for the body, and maple or maple and rosewood for the necks. Bodies and necks are all cut to vintage spec’s including fingerboards and finished in nitro paint. I use top quality hardware and electronics, including hand scatter wound pickups, paper-in-oil caps, vintage pushback cloth hookup and real silver solder.

They not only look old; they sound vintage but with a full rounded big soulful tone with top end chime and lots of harmonics.

My guitars also feel and play like vintage guitars; when I started I wanted to recreate a vintage tone yet take it a step further, I wanted a Telecaster that you could just plug into any amp and for it to sound great; no messing with controls. I think I did it.”

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