B C Rich

B.C. Rich is a manufacturer of guitars and bass guitars founded by the late Bernardo Chavez Rico in 1969. In 1978 the B.C. Rich brand name was established to designate guitars that would be imported to the US from Japan; although only a few ever made it. Currently, most B.C. Rich guitars are manufactured in Asia, but luthiers of the company's custom shop continue to hand-make instruments. The Hanser Music Group, based in Kentucky, operates B.C. Rich. As of 2001 no member of the Rico family is involved in the company

Rico's first original guitar design was in 1972 with the Seagull. In 1976 a gentleman by the name of Johnny GoGo designed the Mockingbird. Neal Moser who was in charge of set-ups, electrical design, and electronics installation was instrumental in the design of the Eagle and the redesign of the Seagull. The most famous guitar in the BC Rich lineup is the BC Rich ‘Rich Bich' 10 string model which was designed by Neal Moser in 1977.

With the early 80s came the Warlock. Almost immediately the hair metal culture of the time took to the Warlock’s edgy and once again, unique shape. The Warlock, while nowhere near the latest shape developed, rounds out the first five classic B.C. Rich shapes.

Website: www.bcrich.com/ 

Retail Prices: £200 - £1000