Unique Guitars

Unique Guitars, based in Pickering, North Yorkshire, aim to provide a great service to Guitarists of all kinds. As well as doing repair and set up work they also undertake custom inlay work as well as custom build guitars to your own design or a classic, depending on your tastes.

Hand crafted Guitars

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Unique Guitars can design and build hand crafted instruments to your bespoke specifications. 

You choose the body shape, neck type, headstock shape, hardware, materials and much more as you create the dream and see it become a reality.

Custom Inlays

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They also undertake all kinds of custom inlay work, so no matter if it’s your fretboard, guitar body, headstock or acoustic bridge which you'd like personalised, they can create a truly unique design for you.


Telephone: 07874 676616

Email: uniqueguitars@gmail.com

Website: http://fpwork.wixsite.com/uniqueguitars