Sutcliffe Amps

Sutcliffe Amps are manufacturers of hand crafted valve amplifiers for guitar and bass. The family run business is led by amp technician and electronics engineer Raphael Sutcliffe at his home in Ash Vale near Guildford, Surrey.

His mission in his own words:
To provide musicians with the highest level of service, no expense spared
To create a completely unique sound, tailored to your needs
To source as many components from UK based manufacturers whilst still retaining an awesome sound

Sutcliffe Amps began as an audio equipment and amplifier repair business, providing services to musicians and businesses throughout the South East of England. After a few years of repairing amps, Raphael decided to launch his own product line, correcting the various failures he had seen in equipment he had fixed in the past.

Sutcliffe Hd.JPG

Sutcliffe RS50 Plexi Head.
“Hand wired, hand crafted, 50W British amplifier with a sweet vintage plexi tone”

Hand wired turret board construction
British components where possible
Hand picked valves
Hand crafted medium size cabinet for portability
Custom options available (NOS parts, switching, MV etc)
Power: 50W into 4, 8 or 16 ohm load
Inputs: Normal 1 & 2, Bright 1 & 2
Controls: Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume 1, Volume 2
Switches: On/Off, Standby/On
3 x ECC83 small signal valves
2 x EL34 power valves
“We select all our valves to replicate the sound of original Mullards as closely as possible to give you the best and most authentic tone”
Super Bass or Lead circuits
NOS RS silver mica caps and Allen Bradley carbon comp resistors
Tolex and piping choices (other than Black/Gold)
Pull switch on Vol 1 for extra gain
Master Volume control (PPIMV, mounted in CH2 lower input position)
Full tonestack customisation (includes 2 hours at our workshop with head amp tech, Raphael)
Telephone: 01483 363 010