Stormshadow Guitar Works

Stormshadow Guitarworks are a small UK Custom Shop, based in Sheffield, England.

Our philosophy at Stormshadow Guitarworks is to build you a custom guitar with comparable quality & options to many leading USA manufacturers Custom Shop guitars, for a much lower price.  

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We pride ourselves on using the Finest Woods, Hardware, Pickups and Finishes to build you a truly unique guitar, to your specs.

We also have an extensive range of non-cost options to keep your custom made guitar reasonably priced.

Stormshadow Custom Shop


Stormshadow Guitarworks Custom Shop are the flagship instruments. Designed by you to your every detail with specific choices to suit your requirements, such as Exotic Woods, Custom Graphics, Scalloped Necks & Unique Inlays.

We will post pics of Custom Shop guitars as and when they are finished, however there are no real specs or constraints to these Instruments, so they will only be available to view as and when they are ordered/completed.

Tel: 07882 930679