Stoneham amplifiers

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Stoneham amplifiers are hand crafted here in the UK and are designed to meet the modern guitarist's requirement for world class guitar tone, at a price within reach of the working musician. Their dedication to achieving sublime tone that's also affordable sets them apart from most UK guitar amp builders and indeed any 'boutique amp' USA manufacturer. 

Every product manufactured by Stoneham is designed with the same principles; 100% valve signal path, built with components chosen for their performance rather than their price.  Each Stoneham amplifier is designed to last life on the road and easily maintained, drawing on many years’ experience repairing and modifying amps for guitarists all over the North East.  

Their designs draw on the essence of those old amp sounds we all know and love, but are refined and modified to give an open, expressive organic tone that is all our own.  Stoneham amps reflect every nuance of your playing and let the tonal character of your favourite guitar shine through.... try one for yourself!  

2012 saw the launch of the Stoneham V2-50 50 watt head which embodies everything that Stoneham have set out to achieve; sublime tone, perfect channel switching, excellent build quality and classic styling. 

This 50 Watt all valve head has two foot switchable channels, plus valve driven serial effects loop. A significant amount of R&D has gone into the channel switching technology, and is nothing short of seamless with no clicks or pauses which many modern designs suffer from. The construction is hand-wired turret boards, which allows for very strong connections compared to printed circuit boards as well as serviceability. 

During the design process and extensive R&D they had the opportunity to listen to some of the most desirable guitar valve amps available, from which they have been able to refine the design into something truly exciting and also learn from others mistakes! Stoneham may be new to the world of guitar amplification but certainly capable of making a big impression! 

Each amplifier they make is thoroughly ‘burned in’ and play tested to ensure their products develop a reputation for reliability that is simply unsurpassed.