JPF Amplification

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JPF’s Amplifiers have been created with the guitarist in mind. Our inspiration draws our experiences repairing vintage amps at Angel Music, one of Denmark Street’s leading high-quality guitar sellers. 

We took the opportunity to learn from a broad range of guitarists, from weekend warriors to stadium stars, what they truly want from their amps. Using years of expertise in the fields of broadcast technology and research, our design process has involved hours of painstaking R&D which includes extensive feedback from guitarists and music producers, real innovation, attention to detail, many hours of listening tests, and over 10,000 cups of tea! 

…innovative design…

Rather than rehash existing designs, JPF have developed a unique combination of the classic circuit elements used in vintage valve amps of the 50s, including: Selmer, Gibson, Vox, Gretsch/Valco (!?) and Fender. The philosophy behind these amps was to design a simple circuit that incorporates the best characteristics of classic valve amps, but with the hindsight of an extra 30 years of technological advances since these classic valve amps were manufactured. 

Thus we’ve used the best modern materials and construction techniques (e.g. PTFE circuit card, toroidal mains transformers,  star grounding etc) combined with elements that gave the classic amps their sound (e.g. carbon composition resistors and valves (!)). 

…at the gig…

The small-box head format and use of lightweight materials means these amps really are portable, whilst our 1 x12″ combo is still very manageable. OK, OK, the 2 x12″ is a bit weighty, but that goes with the territory. 

All our amps have been extensively road tested during the design stages, and have passed with flying colours.  We are so confident that our amps won’t let you down, that all our amps come with a 5-year transferable warranty. 

…in the studio… 

The unpleasant tonal artefacts and high levels of noise that many vintage, and even contemporary, amps suffer from have been painstakingly engineered out of our amps. The low noise circuitry and quality of tone allow recording engineers to place microphones without compromise rather than fighting noise, rattle and hum.

JPF Amplification