Hirsch Guitar

A ‘proper’ travel guitar

"My vision for the Hirsch SB-1 Radius was a pro-quality yet travel-friendly guitar. One that would be equally at home on the road, on stage or in the studio.

I wanted an instrument that looked stunning, sounded fantastic, and played perfectly - but was easy to travel with.


I designed it to have a full 24.75" scale-length but a compact form-factor, and the elegant curves of a classic electric. My guiding principle was 'no compromise' - why sacrifice quality, sound, feel and looks for the sake of portability?

I worked with Martin Sims, one of Britain's leading luthiers, to bring my dream to fruition. The result is a small-bodied guitar with a big sound, lovingly crafted from the finest materials, superbly finished and fitted with Seymour Duncan pickups, Wilkinson VS100 tremolo and Gotoh 510 tuners.

From the almost weightless balance when worn on a strap, to the feel of an open chord resonating in your palm, to the rich sounds when played through your favourite amplifier... if you want something a little different and appreciate only the best, I believe you will find the Hirsch SB-1 Radius to your liking."

We're producing these top-end guitars in exclusive limited editions.

The Hirsch SB-1 Radius First Edition comprises just five instruments, priced at £3995 each.