Hamstead Soundworks

Our story begins with Jim Bird asking Peter Hamstead to replicate an old guitar amplifier. It had been modified over the years, and despite being a mess of tacked on parts, it sounded truly amazing. Looking at whether he could replicate it, Peter soon found that he could better it. Starting with a clean sheet, a new amplifier was born which, after spending many hours in research and development culminated in our first amplifier, the Artist 20+RT. 

Since our launch in 2012 we have built an ever growing family of artists and partners that we are very proud to be working with. Today we continue build upon this, reaching further, creating new products designed to inspire and serve you well for a lifetime. 

We like to do things differently. We believe that each product is best designed starting with a clean sheet, drawing upon the construction and circuit techniques that achieve the best results - even if it means going against the status quo. Our aim is simple: to make the best gear possible.

All of our products are designed and hand built at our workshop in South Cambridgeshire, England. We make no compromise in durability and tone, using high quality components, parts and materials. 

Electronic design and engineering is led by Peter. He brings a fresh approach to amplifier design, having a background in avionics and radar, as well as many years in electronic design and development. His varied career boasts an impressive CV with projects ranging from Sony Centre audio switching systems to non-destructive testing equipment for the supersonic airliner, Concorde. The rest of the team consists of James, Tommy, Ben & Jim. 

hamstead artist.JPG

Taking our fresh approach to design, we set out to create an amp that encompassed maximum tonal versatility, without compromising on tonal quality. It's powerful, portable, and it loves pedals and guitars of all types. You'll be sure to love it too. Meet the Artist 20 and Artist 20+RT

Sonically, the Artist 20 covers a lot of ground; from the warmest of mellow jazz through sparkling country cleans, to mean, gritty blues and classic rock grind. All with a clarity that allows the personality of the player and guitar to really shine through – perfect too, for all your favourite pedals & effects. The Artist 20 also features a 'Voice' switch that adds presence and bite to the upper midrange.