Gordon Guitars

Gordon Guitars were founded in 1968 when Kenn Gordon made his first Instrument. Now, semi-retired, he is still making and repairing guitars.

Gordon Guitars are built one at a time by hand and no CNC machines are used. With no stock of necks and bodies, he hand makes each from start to finish: this means that no two guitars are identical, even when they are the same model.


The woods he uses are at least 16 years old and some of the ebony fingerboards are well over 100 years old. Occasionally, for customers who wish it and are prepared to pay for it, he will use 3,000 year old Bog Oak for fingerboards and acoustic guitar bridges.  Woods used include Honduras Mahogany, European & American Maple, Indian Ebony, Norwegian Sitka Spruce, Canadian Redwood and Cedar. Truss rods use a Bi Flex system and necks are generally three piece hard rock maple and set. 


His builds are highly influenced by Matsumoku made instruments of the 1970's and 1980's. Time has proven that they are well made guitars, sturdy and fantastically playable instruments even 45 years later. 

As well as making a custom guitar to your own specification he does have some in stock, along with some ex display and prototype models - see the website for details.

Gordon Guitars UK, Unit 1, 10 Burrows Close, Boston PE21 9HU

Telephone 01205 359207

Email: kenn.gordon@yahoo.com or sales@gordonguitars.co.uk