Gartone Amps

Gartone Amps is a manufacturer of premium quality boutique valve amplifiers for guitar and bass, all individually hand built in the UK.

Every Gartone amplifier is entirely handmade using only the finest quality components from companies such as Mercury Magnetics, Celestion, Tayden and Sprague.


The Gartone range covers everything from vintage with added features to original designs to custom one-offs. It includes amps modelled on British Amps, such as the Regal and Regent series; Tweed Amps including the Bluesman; Blackface Amps; Modern, Bass and Custom together with Effects Units.

Regal 1836C Head.JPG

The Regal 1836C is a unique amp that authentically recreates the sounds of some of the most sought after British amps of the 60's and 70's.

The high specification includes a Mercury Magnetics power transformer, a Mercury AC30 choke, and a Mercury 'Radiospares' output transformer for authentic British tones. The latter is similar in sounds and construction to the Mercury Radiospares output transformer in the Regal 45 'Bluesbreaker' style amps, but optimised for EL84s.

The Regal 1836C has two independent channels, with variable negative feedback and switchable bias modes. There's also a choice of tube or solid state recifier, and four power settings. The end result is a highly versatile amp that not only gives all the sounds of classic British amps, but also any blend of those sounds. And despite the number of features, it's very easy to use and sounds good on all settings.

The Regal 1836C is available as a head only. Standard covering is black tolex with gold piping and black corner protectors, with other choices available upon request.