Flattley Guitar Pedals

Flattley Guitar Pedals is a small company based in the south of England, passionate about their work and only manufacture high quality, hand wired, bespoke guitar pedals. They focus on design, functionality and usability of all products and their range of guitar effects pedals are used the world over by many artists wanting a high quality sound. 


After repairing the electronics in guitars, bass guitars, and amps for many years in his spare time, Paul Flattley decided that it was time to venture into something new, making guitar effect pedals. His pedals are handmade, hand finished and have a personalized touch. Each guitar effect pedal is hand built and tested by Paul and will not go on sale unless he is satisfied that it meets his very high standards.

Their range includes overdrive, distortion, fuzz, wah, muff, tube screamer, compressor, delay, chorus, flanger and phaser.

They make their guitar effects pedals as versatile and functional as possible and they are open to modifications, where possible. If you have a specific requirement that requires some customisation or you are just looking for something slightly different then Flattley Guitar Pedals are the pedals for you.

In almost all their guitar effects pedals, a halo light plate can be added at an additional cost, this really makes a difference to the look of the pedal when it’s switched on. These halo light plates can be added to the 125, 1590 and Wah style enclosures. This additional extra can be added to your order and you can select the colour from our range of LED colours.

All products come with a 12 months’ guarantee.

Flattley Guitar Pedals, Staunton, Gloucester GL19 3NW

Telephone: +44 (0)1452 849 421