Eckert Amps

Based in the heart of rural Bedfordshire, Eckert Guitar amplifiers are hand built without compromise in design or construction - amplifiers for the truly audiophile performer. Combining ground breaking technology application and quality craftsmanship. Eckert amps are all about getting the best you possibly can.

Eckert amp.JPG

Specified, designed and crafted by Karl Eckert with a single minded purpose - to be exactly as he wanted. After years of painstaking research, prototyping, reworking and performing Karl has now accomplished what he set out to do, to make a guitar amplifier he is happy to put his name on.  

The Eckert guitar amplifier uses unique technology, the finest components and quality time served craftsmanship to bring you exquisite pure and accurate amplification. From the purest cleanest treble to an earthy, raw and passionate distortion the amp excels. 

For many years Karl Eckert was a guitar tech for one of the worlds best known guitar manufacturers, working with many household names to get the sound they wanted. Karl is also an accomplished player himself and throughout the years made his own guitars and designed and built his own amplifiers to achieve the sound he wanted. 

After realising that many of his design techniques were very different from those used by existing manufacturers, he recognised that there may be a market for other musicians who wanted something a bit different, something better.

Each and every part and the way they go together is important. There are no surface mount components, no compromises in favour of speed or cost. Just the best parts that can be sourced, hand assembled to designs that have been worked out through theory and experiment and proved on the stage and in the studio.

Eckert manufacture both a single-channel and dual-channel amp.