Coley Guitars

Coley specialize in making unique, high quality electric guitars and basses that are custom made to your requirements.

They can work from their own design’s or work from your design idea in order to make a truly one off original instrument. Coley can also replicate traditional instruments from years past!


All tonewoods we use are hand selected through various lumber yards and specialist suppliers throughout the UK. The more exotic species are imported from all over the world. Before they reach Coley they are passed through the hands of an experienced luthier of many years. This means that the quality and the grading of the material received is execptional and consistent.
Coley are also very fortunate to have access to a lot of the rare tonewoods that are becoming harder and harder to source. This is because of them moving there way up the CITES (Convention on international trade in endangered species) list.
All the timbers used are FSC certified, With the exception for the timbers that are in excess of 200 hundered years old…