Bordello Guitars

First things first, in case you were wondering....What’s in a name?  When you consider the inherently female, sensual nature of an electric guitar, ‘Bordello Guitars’ seems to me a very fitting name.

I'm a Luthier running a bespoke electric guitar making business in sunny Yorkshire.  My aim is to craft unique, beautiful and affordable instruments which you'll want to play as well as admire; what an electric guitar should be about!


I'm not really a strict proponent of the whole "tone wood" thing.  I don't believe that there is a good or bad wood for making guitars.  Every piece of wood, regardless of species, has its own character.  As long as it has a resonance, sonority and structural integrity there is no reason, other than tradition, that a guitar can't be made from any wood you take a liking to.

All my guitars are handmade - by me.  I don't own, or ever will, a CNC machine.  I only use hand tools or hand power tools, or hand fed power tools.  Wherever possible, I prefer to use traditional hand tools (bit of a hand tool geek).  However, I'm not going to use a handsaw to cut a body shape from a two inch piece of timber.  I'm not that mad or energetic!  Hand planing and carving timber allows you to feel the character and texture of the wood.  Sounds a bit hippy (light the joss sticks), but it’s true.  I prefer to let the figure and character of the wood show through, so I tend to favour a clear finish.  You can opt for a colour tint to highlight the natural figure of the wood, but I don’t use solid colours.

Within the site you will see that there is a unique area to customise your guitar.  Here, I have selected components which I believe are of great quality and price.  However, don't feel that the options are limited to those listed; if for example, you have your own specific thoughts on a bridge or pickups, then just ask!
My intention with the online guitar builder is to give you all the options to make a guitar unique to you, without necessarily attracting "custom" prices.  It is ideal to experiment and give you food for thought, so you can chose the right custom guitar for you.  You don't have to have what other manufacturers tell you to have.  Dare to be different, and listen to what you want, not what others tell you to want! All our guitars are lovingly crafted by hand and tailored to your needs.  What you do with them thereafter is down to you!