A-Z of Brands/Manufacturers

Profiled below are all the guitar, amp and effects brands we could think of - if we have missed any please let us know!

Each brand/maker has a page with details of what instruments they produce and a link to their website. Click on their name to go to their page or click on the logo if it is shown below.

We love UK made gear here at Your Next Guitar - to find out what you are missing click on the links below.

dot.JPG  UK Electric Guitar Makers         dot.JPG   Electric Guitars  
dot.JPG  UK Acoustic Guitar Makers dot.JPG  Acoustic Guitars
dot.JPG  UK Bass Guitar Makers dot.JPG  Bass Guitars
dot.JPG  UK Amp Makers dot.JPG  Amplifiers
dot.JPG  UK Effects Makers dot.JPG  Effects/Pedals

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