Manson MA Junior and Manson Verona Junior electric guitars

Manson Junior Series

The new Manson Junior Series UK made electrics   

New from Manson is their Junior series of electric guitars – the MA Junior and the Verona Junior – both priced at £1399.

Some cool colours as well – Miami Blue, Neon Pink, Neon Green, Vivid Mustard Yellow and Dry Satin Black.

Here is what Manson Guitar Works say about them:

MA Junior

The MA Junior offers a UK-produced model at a never-before-seen price point for the company.

Produced in the same Ashburton workshops as the New Era MB-1 guitars, it has undergone the same extensive programming development whilst emphasising production methods to create a very high-spec instrument at a new entry price.

The MA Junior uses our award-winning MA shape that has been featured on custom and artist guitars for over a decade.

Verona Junior

The Verona Junior uses our newly created “Verona Sky” shape that was created for Matthew Bellamy to use on the Will Of The People Tour.

The Verona Junior offering, adds a solid aluminium (no cheap breakable plastics to be found here!), stylish, hard anodised scratchplate containing our Dirty Rascal humbucker that delivers just the right amount of bite and crunch for every music style from blues to punk.

Featuring a push/push pot to deliver either series or parallel output the Dirty Rascal is enhanced with more sonic options. Parallel mode gives lighter, sweeter clean tones, whilst the series mode puts an extra kick into the output for rock riffing or punchy solos.

A kill button opens up opportunities for stutter effects and further dynamic variations.

More information: Manson 

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