Manson Guitar Works

News 18 June 2019

Matt Bellamy, who has used – and help design – Manson guitars for many years, has now bought the company! Manson Guitar Works has a deserved reputation for great guitars packed with innovation which should continue under the new owner as he uses most of them! Matt said “I’m excited to be taking ownership of Manson Guitar Works and developing its potential in the future. Having played Manson Guitars since I was able to co-design my first custom guitar I have the best insight into the products.” The company’s recent move to industrial premises in Ashburton, Devon has already seen an increase in production and new models launched. Adrian Ashton, retained as CEO for Manson Guitar Works said “This is an exciting development which will build on the great relationship we have developed with Matthew over two decades.” Company namesake, Hugh Manson, 65, will remain a consultant to the company to allow for semi-retirement.

News 7 May 2019

Manson Guitar Works have updated their award winning MA Range for 2019. The range includes the scratchplate equipped MA Classic and the rear route MA EVO each of which have improvements and updates for 2019. The 2019 MA EVO features a full humbucker at the neck for wider tonal and switching options; upgraded electronics Manson specced custom CTS potentiometers. Custom shaft sizes, tapers and tolerances all with solid shaft bushing; Manson engraved neckplate; Gotoh Bridge and Tailpiece Upgraded Hardware. The 2019 MA Classic features Dual USA TV Jones Pickups Edition; upgraded electronics Manson specced custom CTS potentiometers. Custom shaft sizes, tapers and tolerances all with solid shaft bushing; Manson engraved neckplate as featured from our full custom build instruments; Gotoh Bridge and Tailpiece Upgraded Hardware or USA B5 Bigsby Option.

Hugh Manson, one of the UK’s most experienced and respected makers, has been building guitars and basses in the UK for leading musicians for the last 30 years.

Manson Guitar Works offers a series of model ranges:

• Signature Series – Guitars And Basses Produced In Limited Numbers As Specific Signature Models
• Works Series – One Off, No Limits Guitars Produced For Stock By Hugh Manson and Tim Stark
• Bass Series – Basses Produced In Limited Numbers Including Signature Bass Guitars
• M-Series – All New Designs At All New Price Points
• Full Custom – One-Off Dream Guitars To Your Design
• E-Series – Through Neck Instruments In Both 6- and 7-string Variations

Combining traditional luthier skills with genuine, new and exciting technology developments, Manson Guitar Works will allow musicians to express themselves like never before. Their MIDI controlled Matthew Bellamy signature guitars, multi stringed bass guitars for John Paul Jones and countless one-off creations for musicians not afraid to play outside the comfort zone have resulted in great demand for their instruments.

Previously only available as individual commissions, the Manson Guitar Works aims to bridge that difficult area between full scale production and a genuine hands-on luthier approach to offering a unique instrument, built with attention to detail, pride and individual service.