Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive £140

Over the years we have tried out a good number of overdrive and distortion pedals from very mild to extremely wild and all points in between including tube screamer and klon clones. All of these have never come close to the ‘sound in my head’ until now. Enter the Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive which could be a keeper!

Sweet Indeed

In production now for over ten years, including hand built and deluxe versions, the Sweet Honey is close to becoming a bit of a classic. It is a touch sensitive, low gain pedal that can give light overdrive on your clean channel and decent overdrive on your dirty channel.

We tried it out on the clean channel of a Vox valve amp and came up with some lovely tones which respond to your playing dynamics. It has three controls – Volume, Drive and Focus – the latter lets you adjust the feel of the pedal and how easily it distorts as well as providing a slight treble boost. Using the Focus control means you can get a softer tone, where the gain/overdrive comes in later which is great for blues and jazz licks.

We tried the pedal with humbuckers, P90’s and single coils and all worked well, giving smooth tones which were never aggressive or overbearing and were at times mellow, always being tight and rich in harmonics whilst enhancing your tone, much like a valve amp, which is the idea behind it.


This is what Mad Professor say about it on their website:
“The Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive (SHOD) is a touch sensitive low gain overdrive pedal. It is designed to overdrive distorted amplifiers and give dynamically controlled light overdrive on clean sounds.
Distortion level can be controlled by pick attack and pickup strength. Harder picking for overdrive and softer for a cleaner tone. With the unique Focus control, you can adjust the feel and dynamics of the pedal as well as overall EQ. Turning Focus CCW you need to play harder to get distortion and the tone is softer, great for jazz and blues. Focus turned CW gives a slight treble boost and earlier distortion great for classic rock.”

We couldn’t disagree with any of that! Try one and see for yourself.


Metal enclosure
Supply voltage range: 7.5 to 18VDC
Current consumption at 9VDC: 5 mA
Input impedance: 260K
Output impedance: 25K Ohm’s
Complete bypass (true bypass)
Requires a 9V battery (not supplied) or 9V power supply

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