Mad Professor Blueberry Bass Overdrive £125

Why should us six stringers have all the fun – bass boys deserve some overdrive sounds too!

We six plus stringers have a fantastic choice of overdrive and distortion pedals with just about any sound you want available, either through a pedal or an amp. Spare a thought then for the bass player who might want to add a bit of spice to their sound and whose choice is much more limited.

Wide range of tones

One pedal they should have a listen to is the Mad Professor Blueberry Bass Overdrive which offers wide range of tones. Here is what Mad Professor say about it:

“A high-quality dynamic overdrive pedal for electric bass: gives you light to medium overdrive reminiscent of vintage bass tube amplifiers”

Which just about sums it up. With three knobs – volume, drive and nature – and footswitch this thing is easy to use and experiment with!


Two of these are self-explanatory: Volume controls the output and Drive sets the amount of overdrive and sustain. The Drive knob though is dynamic so the harder you strike the strings the more it will distort giving you lots of shades of distortion, much like a tube amp. Turning it up gives a more compressed sound and more sustain.

The Nature knob is a form of tone control going from low-end to bright although it does have a secret weapon in that the amount of overdrive you get changes as you turn the knob, with more overdrive at the low-end. If you play bass solos you can make them stand out by adjusting the Nature control.


Okay, so it is a ‘just a drive pedal’ you say, making it limited in sound. Not quite. This thing is versatile giving you loads of tone settings and amazing sounds as you blend Drive with Nature – you are bound to find ‘your sound’ in here somewhere.

Mad Professor have a reputation for high quality – both in their factory pedals (which this is) and their hand-wired versions – and this is no different. It has a robust metal case with quality finish and graphics and looks like it will withstand years of use.


Metal enclosure
Supply voltage range: 8 to 12VDC
Current consumption at 9VDC: 4 mA
Input impedance: 500K
True bypass
Requires a 9V battery (not supplied) or 9V power supply

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