Lerxst Limelight by Godin electric guitars

Lerxst Limelight by Godin

Just released-The Lerxst Limelight by Godin        

The Lerxst Limelight by Godin is an Alex Lifeson Limited Edition Signature Guitar, based on his original modified S-type guitar.

White Lerxst Limelight electric guitar from Godin

This one has an HSS pickup configuration for maximum versatility, with pickups custom-wound by Mojotone to Alex’s specifications to ensure balanced performance in all pickup positions, and monster tone. ⁠

⁠You can choose from the classic Floyd Rose tremolo system or a Vega Trem with 18:1 locking tuners.⁠

Here’s what Godin say about it:

The Lerxst Limelight, a signature guitar created in partnership with iconic rock guitarist Alex Lifeson, thoroughly reimagines Lifeson’s iconic S-type guitar from the 1980s, which became synonymous with Alex’s sounds and guitar style.

The Lerxst Limelight was created through the synergy of Godin’s luthier craftsmanship together with modern parts selected by Alex — to create a high-quality, thoroughly modern and refined instrument for today’s player that is anything but a “vintage reissue”.

The Lerxst Limelight features a contoured Swamp Ash body for premium comfort, a Hard Rock Maple neck with a 12” radius, an Ebony fretboard, and medium stainless steel frets for fast and intuitive playability.

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