KMA Machines

KMA combine German engineering and craftmanship with lots of love and soul and put that into every single pedal they make.


They currently have 12 pedals in the range including the Cirrus fully digital combined reverb and delay; and the Logan Transcend Drive with fully adjustable mid-range.

About KMA

The KMA Machines’ story consists of a symbiotic relationship between each pedal’s sound and its unique graphic design, creating a piece of art and giving every device a unique soul. The synergy of the artwork, the quality and the versatility of their pedals leads to their design ethos.

All KMA pedal designs always start with developing the circuit first, only using premium components throughout: each model has its journey first along the prototyping ‘breadboard’ stage, gets refined until it tells its own story with custom artwork and isn’t released until they are absolutely satisfied with how it sounds, looks, feels and performs.

Long story short – KMA Machines stands for versatility with the highest quality for modern musicians.

Website: KMA Machines

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