Kirk Hammett Ouija Guitars

The first Kirk Hammett (from Metallica) signature Ouija guitar from ESP was a one-off in the early nineties. The guitar became one of the most well-known and coveted signature models in ESP history.

In 2010 ESP acquired the rights to sell the Ouija™ guitar to the public and since then they have produced several special limited-edition versions of the Ouija™ guitar, and for 2019, they bring two more models in both ESP and LTD versions: Purple Sparkle and Red Sparkle with the classic Ouija Board graphic in gold. As another limited edition guitar with the level of desirability and rarity to make it an instant collector’s item, their advice for people who’d like to own one of the new Ouija™ models: get yours today, because tomorrow may be too late.

More information at: ESP Guitars – Ouija

08 October 2019