Keystone Exchanger pro pickup selector pedal

Keystone EXchanger PRO

Want to change pickups without changing them?        

Well, now you can with the Keystone EXchanger PRO pedal which gives you 8 configurable pickup families that you set & save as you wish, plus a MIDI control.

This is a new version of their famous EXchanger pedal. An even more precise pedal giving you increased control to remodel your pickups without changing anything on your guitar.


For each pickup family, adjusting the resonance (Q), frequency (F), and level will allow you to model all possible pickups or go get some enhancement for your original pickups.

Plug and Play.
Only one rule: Put the pedal after guitar before any other devices.
A true bypass to get your original sound.
A Midi control for a full pedalboard integration.
9V dc power supply, center negative (not included).

Bright, heavy, vintage, twang, fat and dynamic under your fingertips to roar your pedals and amp with just one guitar.

Fully made in France
Solid design
Optimized electronic for limiting active components

Priced around 240 euros

More info: Keystone

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