Kemper Profiler Player floor amp

Kemper Profiler Player

Just released is the Kemper Profiler Player        

Taking the space of just two pedals but featuring the full arsenal of KEMPER amp tones, selected FX settings, IR loading, and switching capabilities it will be at home in the studio, in the rehearsal room, and on stage.

Here’s what Kemper say about it:

At first glance, the PROFILER Player is an easy-access guitar amp with familiar classic controls, where you can store your precious amp channel settings.

The amp section of the Player sounds identical to the amp section of its famous Big Brothers. It loads any amp PROFILE from the vast library of existing free and commercial PROFILEs out there.

Rigs from the big PROFILERs are fully compatible within the limits of the Player’s 4 FX slots. If you want to dig deeper and access every single effect setting, the Rig Manager remote app connects to the Player through USB or WLAN on a platform of your choice.

Turn the PROFILER Player into a combo amp by connecting one or two KEMPER Power Kabinets.

The Player is reduced to the max and therefore also a match for bass players and acoustic guitarists. Also, keyboard players will enjoy the leading tube amp PROFILEs and studio-grade effects to spice up their sounds.

Expand the live control capabilities simply by adding expression pedals or additional foot-switches. MIDI via USB – Supports typical USB2MIDI cables

The Player offers a massive, well-curated selection of 136 different FX settings taken from the legendary KEMPER PROFILER FX arsenal that features over 444 FX presets in total.

More information: Kemper Profiler

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