Sparkle blue Kaufmann Cozy electric guitar

Kaufmann Cozy

A cool offset custom guitar from Kaufmann                                          

The Cozy comes in one basic design and five versions where the bridge and pickups are different but the body shape and neck are the same across the range.

Kaufmann Cozy electric guitar versions

The Cozy is a modern and very playable guitar with a serious vintage vibe. You can trace its design elements all the way back to 1960’s. Because of the endless nitro color combinations and various aging levels, each Cozy is a unique instrument. Its appearance will certainly remind you of an old guitar.

The neck is a nice round C shape contour with a 10” radius that will suit most players. The neck is built from roasted quarter sawn maple for greater stability and a smoother feel. The neck has a 25 ¼ scale and a six on one side tuner layout.

The electronics are simple, one volume, one tone and a three-way switch is all you need. 

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