Two JWJ acoustic guitar bodies

JWJ Guitars

JWJ guitars are individually hand-built in a small workshop in rural Shropshire in the UK by Richard Jones.

Each high-quality piece of tonewood gets matched to each other by sound, look and feel to create truly unique instruments.

Inspired by the classic designs and sounds of the ‘Golden Era’, JWJ guitars put the emphasis on tone, feel and value.

The aim for JWJ Guitars is simply to produce professional, hand built guitars at a great price. By keeping the standard range simple with options for body wood and neck profile they can focus efforts on getting the best possible tone and feel from each instrument.

JWJ are the initials of the father and son of Richard Jones.


JWJ Guitars have Standard models, Custom Builds and The Hog.

The Standard models are hand built with high quality solid tonewoods throughout.

Both the Orchestra and Slope Shoulder Dreadnought models are classic designs – versatile, good looking and fantastic all-round performers.

Standard models come with a Hiscox Pro II hard case, priced at £1,695. An L.R. Baggs Lyric pickup can be fitted for £300 extra.

If you like the general look, sound and feel of the Standard models but want something a bit more personal then a Custom Build is the way forward.

Custom builds use the specs of the Standard model as a starting point and begin at £1,695 including a Hiscox Pro II hard case.

The ‘Hog’ is the entry level JWJ guitar designed for the player who wants a simple, great sounding guitar with a rootsy, no-frills vibe. Prices start at £1,295 with an L.R. Baggs Lyric pickup fitted for £300 extra.

Full specs of all their models can be found on their website.

Website: JWJ Guitars

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