Two John Page Classic electric guitars

John Page Classic

John Page, is a master designer and builder, who produces some beautiful custom electric guitars.

He co-founded and launched the Fender Custom Shop in 1987, leading it for a further twelve years, before launching his own custom shop, initially taking limited orders before John Page Classic came into being. 

John Page Classic (JPC) produces the very best of John’s classic designs at scale to make them accessible to a wider array of musicians while retaining masterful quality standards of a John Page Custom guitar.

JPC launched in 2015, machine-building John’s designs in Japan. The S-style Ashburn model was promptly named to the Guitar Player Magazine Hall Of Fame. This was followed by the T-style AJ model, winner of Guitar World’s Platinum Award.

In 2021, JPC moved guitar production from Japan to the USA and began building its guitars by hand.

Every single JPC “Made In The USA” model is carefully hand-crafted to John’s exacting design specifications by our master builders and rigorously checked by JPC-certified technicians before shipment to you.

All JPC guitars are backed by our industry-first Lifetime Performance Guarantee.

A John Page Classic is a hand-built guitar with over 50 years of legacy and expertise built right in. There’s nothing like a classic.

Models include the AJ ‘T’ Style and the Ashburn ‘S’ Style.

Website: John Page Classic

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