John Birch

John Birch Guitars UK Ltd is now under new ownership and their website is currently being reconstructed. Their extensive product range is also under review with the intention to relaunch new and existing John Birch products to the market soon. We will keep you posted!

John Birch Guitars began in Birmingham UK in the early 70’s with its founder members John Birch, John Diggins and Arthur Baker. They introduced a new way of guitar building with redesigned body construction giving better playability, a new range of pickups and some advanced switching options, which surpassed any other guitars at that time. These quickly found favour with bands of that period and many went on to become world famous in later years.

In 1993 John Birch restarted the business in Nottingham and again came up with a new more advanced range of pickups and using a modern paint process improved the finish still further. In 2000 John Birch unfortunately died.


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