Music Man Joe Dart electric bass guitar

Joe Dart III Bass

New Joe Dart III ltd edn short scale bass       

The Joe Dart III is an all-new 30″ short-scale bass with a lightweight ash body, a flame maple neck, and a passive split-coil pickup for a classic punchy tone.

Joe Dart electric bass body and pickup

The new edition Dart bass has a Velvet Natural finish and features a flame maple fretboard with 22 stainless steel frets.

The single-volume control provides pure and unadulterated sound, where the user’s technique and finesse exclusively shape the tone. All instruments ship with Ernie Ball Group II Flatwound 45-105 bass strings and in a Mono Vertigo Bag.

The Joe Dart III is limited to 50 units worldwide and available for purchase exclusively from Ernie Ball Music Man Vault.        

You can order from their website: Music Man

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