Jetta from Dr Z

The new Jetta amp from DrZ is their ‘most affordable’ amp to date, despite being hand-wired in their US plant and featuring premium components and surrounded by a lightweight studio 1×12 cabinet loaded with a UK-made Celestion H30.

The 30W combo was was engineered to provide an articulate and detailed platform for any guitar, be it vintage single coil or hotrodded humbucker. As they say: “Perfect for the hobbyist, the pro-player, and anyone who appreciates no-frills operation, versatility, and uncompromising tone.” With only three controls – volume, tone and master volume – it should be fun coaxing your sound out of it!

Expect to pay £1200-1300 for one!

More information at: DrZ Amps – Jetta

16 October 2019