Hylight Electronics are a British amplifier manufacture based in London. Since 1964, Dave Reeves has designed the best circuits for all-purpose guitar and bass amplifiers featuring classic British tone, high headroom and reliability.

They have now developed their designs further in order to offer modern guitar players high quality military spec hand-wired amplifiers with optional features such as line output, effects loop, power attenuator, gain boost and channel switching. All amplifiers are custom made in England with high-grade components as well as unmistakably high-quality English made transformers, the heart of all truly great amplifiers. Hylight amplifiers are all built to last a lifetime.

They produce three Series of Amps:

GENX20H – Dual Channel 20W Head, footswitchable
GENX20C-112F/C – Dual Channel 20W combo (1 X 12″), footswitchable
GENX20C-212F/C – Dual Channel 20W combo (2 X 12″), footswitchable
GENX50H – Dual Channel 50W Head, footswitchable
GENX100H – Dual Channel 100W Head, footswitchable

VR20H – Custom 20W Head, Original specs
VR20C-112F/C – Custom 20W Combo (1 x 12″), Original specs
VR20C-212F/C – Custom 20W Combo (2 x 12″), Original specs
VR204H – Custom SD Head, Original specs
VR204C-112F/C – Custom SD Combo (1 x 12″), Original specs
VR204C-212 F/C- Custom SD Combo (2 x 12″), Original specs
VR504 – Custom 50W Head, Original specs
VR504C – Custom 50W Combo (2 x 12″), Original specs
VR103 – Custom 100W Head, Original specs
VR201 – Custom 200W Head, Original specs

BR504C – 50W Combo (1 x 15″), 3-way character switch
BR504 – 50W Head, 3-way character switch
BR103 – 100W Head, 3-way character switch
BR201 – 200W Head, 3-way character switch

Retail prices are from £1999 for the Head and Combo and £699 for the cabinets

For more information on Hylight: www.hylight.co.uk

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