Harry Joyce Amplifiers

Harry Joyce Guitar Amplifiers are Hand built in the United States of America to the highest specifications, using only the very best components available.

Point-to-point wiring meticulously finished to Harry Joyce’s exacting military standards. Each Harry Joyce amplifier is carefully assembled and hand soak-tested in our U.S. facilities. They can only be purchased direct at present. Visit https://harryjoyceusa.com/

Their amplifiers, costing from $3995 to $5995, include their Custom range of 30, 50 and 100 watt heads as well as their Classic range of 30, 50, 100 and 200 watt heads.

The Custom Harry Joyce 30

A 30 watt head with a cabinet made from 18 mm Marine grade Birch plywood with solid dove tail construction
Stainless steel chassis
Ceramic tube sockets
4 inputs: Normal Hi/Low and Brilliant Hi/Low
Master volume design which includes:
Gain controls for Normal or Brilliant inputs, Tone controls for Bass, Treble, Mids and Presence. The pre-amp stage uses (4) custom 12AX7 pre-amp tubes for inputs, tone, voltage amp, and driver. The output stage (output transformer) is designed for EL34 power tubes.
On the back side, voltage and ohm selector, 2 speaker outputs (in parallel), send and return effect loop (TRS -Tip return and Ring send), as well as fuse holders for power, IEC Filtered Powered Entry Module for smooth filtering.
Output Power RMS: 30 Watts
Output Ohm Selector: 4, 8, 16 ohms

Harry Joyce

“Harry Joyce himself turned HIWATT amplifiers in the 60′s and 70′s to what was to be quoted as the “The Rolls Royce of guitar amplifiers” not unlike what George Scholz did for his own HJ amplifiers which in comparison are touted as “The Bentley of guitar amplifiers”.

Harry learned how to hand wire point to point by U.S. military men in 1952. He later went to work for the two big speaker giants at the time Celestion and Fane in which he told us they turned out amazing quantities of speaker per hour.

Harry Joyce was the first ever to hand wire guitar amplifiers point to point to military specs. Harry stopped building HIWATTS in 1976 because Dave Reeves (original designer of HIWATTS and Sound City) wanted to find a cheaper way of doing things to make more profits.

In 1992 he was talked into coming up with his own design (HARRY JOYCE AMPLIFIERS) and built them completely from scratch, as how they are being built today by Harry Joyce USA under the watchful eye of George Scholz.

The first three went to the “ROBERT PLANT GROUP” (formally of Led Zeppelin). He later found THE BLACK CROWES (Rich Robinson) as lovers of his amplifiers and used our amplifiers and speaker cabs to this day with the exclusively designed SCHOLZ CLAISSIC drivers. Brad Whitford of Aerosmith also has been seen using a Harry Joyce among other players in the pro field.”

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