Three Hammett Guitar Co electric guitars

Hammett Guitar Co

Hammett Guitar Co make boutique electric guitars       

Hammett Guitar Company, run by Pat Hammett and based in Stroud in the UK, endeavour to craft the most unique & boutique, retro-inspired guitars available for all players.

The guitars are inspired by the ‘golden-era’ –a period of manufacture of predominantly U.S department store guitars (Chicagoan) of the 50’s & 60’s: guitars which are widely deemed ‘economy instruments’ for their original factory-line production quality and components.

For as long as Pat can remember he has been consumed by processes of fabrication: whether it manifests via design, experimentation or stroke of momentary genius.

He has tried to recapture the magic of vintage guitars by obsessing over how to recreate the magic of them through wood, metal, & magnets.

Pat has been fascinated by 50’s and 60’s guitars – their shapes, colours and compositions epitomising for him the very essence of that period of music’


Hammett Guitars preserve the spirit of iconic instruments form the 50’s and 60’s,m being faithfully re-imagined and focused for the modern guitarist – constructed using the highest quality materials, hardware and parts.

Current models include the Slim Twin, Saturn Thunderbird, Black Pearl, Astro Strat, Nazare, Razor and Razor Deluxe. 

Prices start from £2400

Website: Hammett Guitar Co

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