7 Guitars to fuel your GAS

Below is this month’s selection of guitars you really want: some guitars just look so cool you have to have it!

The problem is that there are too many of these coming through from both boutique makers and the big boys. Yes, I have a few guitars and probably wouldn’t get much musically from buying more, but, some guitars are just so great to look at, hold and own.

I don’t go in for the distressed look and much prefer a beautiful, lustrous finish particularly if it shows the natural grain of the wood – maple or koa top anyone – and I’m a sucker for some nice inlays on the fretboard – give me split diamonds any day.

Take your pick from these:

Taylor American Dream in Sunburst

Taylor American Dream AD17 sunburst guitar

Taylor say the American Dream Series is a ‘versatile and performance-focused family of guitars’. This one features a walnut back and sides with a spruce top sporting a ‘dusky sunburst aesthetic’

Kaufmann Cozy

Sparkle blue Kaufmann Cozy electric guitar

The Cozy comes in one basic design and five versions where the bridge and pickups are different but the body shape and neck are the same across the range.

Epiphone Les Paul Custom

Epiphone Les Paul Custom guitar in white and black

When I was a teenager the coolest guitars were the custom Les Paul in white and the SG in cherry red – both too much for my pocket money! Now you can at least get an affordable Les Paul Custom – in white or black –  from their ‘Inspired by Gibson’ range.          

PRS SE Hollowbody Standard Piezo

PRS SE Hollowbody Standard Piezo electric guitar

The SE range just gets better and better! This SE Hollowbody Standard Piezo features an all-mahogany body with hollow construction for a warm, resonant tone. Boasting 58/15 LT “S” pickups and an LR Baggs/PRS Piezo system.

Fender Gold Foil Telecaster

Fender Telecaster guitar with Gold Foil pickups

Inspired by the garage rock bands of the sixties and the cult classic guitars they played, the Gold Foil Collection combines timeless Fender designs with the dazzling style of a bygone era.

Atkin Eighty-five

Atkin, known for their exceptional acoustic guitars have entered the world of electrics with their ‘reimagined’ and ‘modernised’ series of electric guitars. Shown above is the Atkin Eighty-five in hair metal mode!

Yamaha SG1820

Yamaha SG1820 electric guitar

First released in 1974 this is one of the guitars that put Japanese instruments on the map and caused a storm worldwide. Re-released in 2010 it features three models that should be on everyone’s wish list.

All seven will cost you £12,500 so which one is your choice? Mine? I don’t want to be greedy but I’ll take all of them! If I can only have one it would be the PRS, or the Tele, or the Yamaha…

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