Guitars to save up for

Got five grand plus to spend on an electric guitar? Look no further…

There are some guitars that, unless you are a pro or rich (or both), seem unobtainable to us bedroom guitarists, unless we sell the house or win the lottery.

  1. Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster
  2. Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul
  3. Patrick Eggle Macon
  4. PRS McCarty Limited Edition
  5. Suhr Aura
  6. Huber Orca
  7. Tyler Limited Edition
  8. Music Man Majesty
  9. Lowden GL 10
  10. Gretsch Vintage Select Falcon

We can include the ‘usual’ Fender and Gibson Custom Shop Strats and Les Pauls (both retailing at £5/6000) as well as other tasty electrics worth saving up for. Okay, some of these are Strat, Tele and Les Paul style guitars, but the makers have put their own take on these iconic shapes, and a few like PRS have their own styles.

At the ‘cheaper’ end of the market you can have a superbly built electric from Patrick Eggle; his Macon, which has had rave reviews, starts at around £2500, and will hold its own against more expensive guitars.

PRS make some fabulous guitars and their McCarty Limited Editions at £5500 are top of the tree. For a great take on the classics you could try the Suhr Aura or Modern Carve at £7000 apiece; or the Nik Huber Orca, also at £7000. For a take on the Strat look at Tyler Limited Editions at £5000 or the vintage inspired Kelton Swade Tele or Strat alike at £4700.

For something different you could look at the Music Man Majesty range with some retailing at £4000. Or the Lowden GL 10, even a Rickenbacker or Gretsch custom/special – all in the £3 – 5000 range so plenty of choice for the those with a fat wallet!

All of these guitars will have great build quality, attention to detail, playability and tone in spades, and will have individual/custom options, so if you fancy a bespoke production guitar from a main-stream or small builder the world is your oyster. Many custom builders, who make just a few guitars a year, can also build one to your specification.

Me? I’ll take the Macon, or the Orca, or the PRS, or the Gibson…

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