Mooer GTRS Intelligent Headless Guitars

GTRS W800 Headless Intelligent Guitar

Headless, fanned fret and wireless intelligent technology   

Following on from the S800 and S801 GTRS Intelligent Guitars, launched last year, Mooer have upped their game with the GTRS W800 Headless Intelligent Guitar.

These latest headless, fanned-fret model guitars are aimed at modern guitarists or those who need something a bit more compact.

The W800/900 Series guitars are built exclusively in the GTRS Guitar Workshop which specializes in the design and assembly of high-end GTRS models, displaying the craftsmanship of MOOER’s luthiers.

Next Generation

The GTRS Guitar is the next generation of guitar products, offering a complete, lightweight digital and analogue guitar system built from the ground up.

Equipped with the GTRS Intelligent Processor designed in conjunction with master guitar builders and MOOER’s digital sound engineers.

Designed to function with its dedicated mobile application to offer seamless integration of classic guitar stylings and modern digital simulation technology.


• Compact, alder body
• Built-in wireless transmitter
• 24 fanned-fret fingerboard
• Indian rosewood fingerboard
• 10 hour battery life
• HH pickup configuration
• Fully compatible with GTRS accessories

See their demo video here

More info: Mooer GTRS

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