Choosing a Gretsch Guitar 2021

If you are looking for Gretsch guitar in 2021 then you have plenty of choice at a number of price points – their catalogue has 46 solid bodies, 28 center block and 63 hollow body guitars across 9 ‘Families’, 3 ‘Collections’ and 4 ‘Editions’. Confused? Then read on…

The Models

Gretsch electric guitars come in a range of solid body, hollow body and center block models across different price points through their Professional, Electromatic and Streamliner Collections. They also have the Players Edition, Vintage Select Edition, Limited Edition and Artist Signature Edition guitars featured across the ranges, together with their Custom Shop guitars.

The guitars are made in Japan (the Professional series), Korea, China and the USA (the Custom Shop models).

So, choose your Budget (which will determine the Collection), Style (single or double cut), Body (solid, center block or hollow) and then the Family. With a great range of colours, appointments, bling and character, everyone loves a Gretsch as you look so cool playing one!

The Families

They have 9 shapes/styles/types organised across ‘Families’:

Broadkaster – center block, Players Edition, double and single cuts
Falcon – center block and hollow Limited Edition, Players Edition and Signature/Custom shop
Country Gentleman – Vintage Select, hollow body, single and double cut
Nashville – Vintage Select, Players Edition, Limited and Signature, center block and hollow body, single and double cuts
Tennesee – single cut, hollow body, Vintage, Limited and Players Editions
Anniversary – single cut, hollow body, Vintage, Limited and Players Editions
Penguin – solid body, single cut, Limited Edition
Jet – solid body, single and double cut, Players, Signature and Vintage Select Editions
Country Club – Vintage Select Edition, single cut, hollow body

Bigsby’s feature strongly across the ranges, with a few non Bigsby models available in the Jet and Falcon styles. Some 12 strings are also available.

Solid Body

With a focused attack and quick response, Gretsch solid body guitars enable maximum power and excellent control. Most Gretsch solid body guitars feature body chambering that adds resonance and greatly increase fullness and punch while maintaining the signature Gretsch definition and articulation.
Jet, Duo Jet and Penguin

Center Block

Gretsch center block guitars provide a perfect balance of sonic fullness and focus. With this design, a wood block runs down the center of the body to enhance attack and articulation while the open-air cavities in the body’s “wings” increase resonance and tonal depth.
Single Cut and Double Cut

Hollow Body

Hollow body guitars from Gretsch (the traditional style!) deliver rich fullness and deep resonance. Characterizing the “big-body sound,” this build type is marked by huge tones that retain great clarity and acoustic nuance.
Single cut and double cut

Website: Grestch Guitars

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