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Celebrating fifty years in 2024, after being originally established in Manchester in 1974, Gordon Smith Guitars are now based in Northamptonshire, after being acquired in 2015 by the Auden Musical Instrument Company. They make handcrafted, custom built guitars, starting at £999!

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The team at Auden have taken over the production with the same level of skill and dedication as the original founders and with a massive investment in new machines, tools and people, Gordon Smith is set to take on the next fifty years as the UK’s favourite guitars. 


Gordon Smith produce a range of single cut, double cut, no cut and semi solid guitars and can claim to be the longest running contemporary guitar company in England.

The range of 18 models includes the GS, GS Deluxe, GS No-cut, GS1000 and GS Deluxe Semi Solid, Graduate, Classic T, Gatsby, Graf Standard and Graf Deluxe, Classic S, GSG, Guardian, T-Graf, Blaggards, Griffin, the new Grande Launch Edition and the GS Bass.

Their guitars are attractive, solidly built, practical, well designed, yet simple, extremely playable and reasonably priced for working musicians. “Born to Punk parents, used and abused by British Rock, thrashed by Grunge, soothed by the Blues, and the cornerstone of Indie”.

Hand made

Gordon Smith still make guitars by hand using  templates, hand tools and sandpaper with no CNC machines in sight. They still make their own pickups in house using the original wiring patterns…


You can buy a ‘stock’ guitar off their website or from a range of select dealers or you can order one to your own specification choosing body woods, neck profiles, colours, hardware and so on. Prices are from £999, which is astonishing for a hand crafted guitar.

A UK handmade guitar for less than a grand? Bargain…

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