Godin Guitars, established in 1972, is Canada’s largest instrument manufacturer. With a head office in Montreal they build their instruments in six factories in four different locations, three in Quebec and one in New Hampshire.

Their range of acoustics includes several brands names including;

Norman makes entry to mid-level acoustic guitars
Art & Lutherie makes entry level budget guitars
The Simon and Patrick brand make mid to high level steel-string acoustics
La Patrie manufactures classical guitars
Seagull is known for manufacturing solid wood entry to mid-range acoustic guitars

Guitars under the Godin brand are primarily mid range to top of the line electrics that are made of high quality wood from the northeastern part of North America. They have many models that feature synth pickups and some with piezo pickup equipped bridges. Godin are notable for their use of synthesizer pickups as a standard feature in their high end models, and many of their electric models use piezo-acoustic pickups integrated with the bridge assembly.

Website: www.godinguitars.com 

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