Four Gibson electric guitars

Gibson Electric Guitars

Gibson, one of the oldest makers in the guitar world, produces a number of iconic, well-copied electric guitars such the Les Paul and SG solid bodies and the ES 335 archtop semi-acoustics.

As with Fender they also own other guitar brands – such as the mighty Epiphone – and produce bass guitars, acoustic guitars, pedals, amps and accessories.

Current models include the Les Paul, SG, ES, Firebird, Explorer, Flying V and Theodore across their Original ~ Modern ~ Artist ~ Exclusives ~ Custom Shop ~ Murphy Lab series.

Most Gibson models use humbucker pickups, as opposed to single coil, although they are great exponents of the P90 single coil pickup.

USA Made

Most are made in the USA (Epiphone produces their Far East range of guitars) and prices range from around £1200 to £3200 and up to £10,000 for Custom Shop models and nearly £20,000 for the Collectors Editions, which include the Les Paul ‘Greeny’.

Gibson is now a much-copied, instantly recognisable brand. It seems you are either a single coil Strat/Tele guitarist, an LP humbucker one or a P90 aficionado!

Gibson have 23 models in their Original range; 12 in the Modern range; 11 in the Exclusives range; 46 Custom Shop models; 25 Murphy Aged models; and 26 in the Artist Collection so plenty of choice.

Les Paul

Gibson Les Paul Supreme electric guitar

Originally made in the late 1950’s in response to the Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster, it fell out of popularity in the early 60’s, was ‘replaced’ by the SG and then made a big comeback a few years later. It is now a much-copied, instantly recognisable guitar. It seems you are either a single coil Strat/Tele guitarist or a Les Paul humbucker one!

Over the years we have seen a whole range of Les Pauls from Studio (‘budget’), Standard and Custom Shop and the current range reflects that including models across all their collection ranges.

It starts with the Les Paul Special at £1029 up to the Kirk Hammett “Greeny” 1959 Les Paul Standard – Greeny Burst at £19,599. Most models are around the £2500 to £3000 mark.

You can choose from over 30 Les Paul models (including a couple of double cuts). 


Gibson SG electric guitar

In 1961, after sales of the single cut Les Paul had declined, Gibson launched the double cut SG or ‘solid guitar’ as a replacement, badging it as a Les Paul and stopping production of the original. In 1968 the original Les Paul was reintroduced and the double cut became the SG.

Loved by many rock stars and featuring on some classic tracks the SG is as iconic today as ever. 

35 models are in production across the featuring one, two and three pickup models.


Gibson ES-335 electric guitar

The ES or ‘electric-spanish’ range of guitars made their appearance in the 1950’s and include semi and hollow models. The best known is the Gibson ES-335 DOT, the cornerstone of the Gibson ES line-up, first released in 1958.

Models include the ES-335, ES-345, ES-339, ES-350T, ES-355.

Artist models include Chuck berry, BB King, Trini Lopez, Jim James and Marcus King.


Gibson Firebird electric guitar

When Gibson hired famed automotive designer Ray Dietrich to create a radical new solid body guitar, rock ‘n roll history ensued. With its offset shape, neck-through construction, and scorching mini-humbuckers, the ’63 Firebird V became an instant classic. Comes in Reverse and Non-reverse guise.


Gibson Explorer electric guitar

Introduced alongside the Gibson Flying V in 1958, the Gibson Explorer travelled where no man had gone before and past every guitar design that came before it.

Flying V

Gibson Flying V electric guitar

Introduced in 1958 and only made in limited quantities, the Gibson Flying V has taken flight over the years along with legions of followers.


Gibson Theodore electric guitar

Developed from original drawings discovered in the Gibson Archives, the Gibson Theodore Standard is based on a guitar design sketched in 1957. 67 years later, we get the Theodore Standard.

It was previously available only as a limited edition Gibson Custom model that quickly sold out in 2022 as part of the Gibson Archive Collection. 


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