Gene Simmons EB-0 Bass

Ltd edition Gene Simmons EB-O Bass from the Custom Shop          

Inspired by the modified bass Gene played with KISS in the ’70’s and now available as a limited run of 100 guitars from the Gibson Custom shop.

Gibson Gene Simmons signature bass guitar

Here’s what Gibson say about it:

“Based on Gene’s heavily modified 1959 EB-0, the new Gene Simmons EB-0 Bass is the first 30.5” scale bass from the Gibson Custom Shop and the first bass the Custom Shop has produced in quantity.

Gene made several modifications to his EB-0, including refinishing it, reshaping the neck to a custom profile, replacing the pickup with a later model Gibson unit and relocating it much closer to the bridge, installing a custom pickguard, adding binding, and changing the original tuners to Grovers®.

The bridge was also replaced with a high-mass model and can now be strung through-body or as a top-loaded bridge.

All of these details are faithfully represented in the new Gibson Custom Gene Simmons EB-0 Bass. A custom hardshell case is also included.”

Yours for the princely sum of £7199

More info at Gibson

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