Funny Little Boxes guitar effects pedals

Funny Little Boxes

Quality effects pedals made in Norwich    

Based in the UK, Funny Little Boxes make high quality and affordable (retailing at £99) effects pedals.

Established in 2020 initially as a retailer of second hand pedals and products from UK makers, they decided to move into the design and production of their own pedals, the first – the 1991 – being released in 2021.

Today they focus on the design and build of their own effects pedals, concentrating on quality and affordability.

The 1991

Designed to be ‘Pearl Jam in a box’ it is a collaboration between Funny Little Boxes and the Lets Play All You Tube channel. So far more than 1000 have been sold.

Skeleton Key

Released in 2023, the pedal is designed to give you the sound of Queens of the Stone Age.

It is an op-amp based distortion pedal with gain stages to help you nail that Queens of the Stone Age tone.

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