2 Fender electric guitars

Fender Electric Guitars

Fender, the father of the solid body electric         

Now one of, if not the, largest guitar maker in the world with factories across the globe. The Group also owns quite a number of other makers as well. They produce electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitars, amplifiers and pedals plus lots of accessories and gifts.

Much copied, particularly the older models like the Stratocaster (debuted in 1954) and Telecaster (debuted in 1951), Fender tend to refresh their line ups every few years, adding new models, like the Acoustasonic, as well. Known for being iconic makers, they are also great innovators!

Most of the models deploy single coil pickups, as opposed to the Gibson humbuckers – with guitarists either being single coil or humbucker players for most of their careers!

They have seven models in their electric range – Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazzmaster, Mustang, Jaguar, Meteora and Duosonic – across 21 different ‘Series’ – a bewildering choice for any player, without the Squier budget range! Some Series are made in the Far East, some Mexico and some in the USA with prices reflecting this.

In the current catalogue right handed models account for 182 guitars and left handed 15. Each model/series has a range of colours, specs, finishes and signature guitars.

When we throw in the Custom Shop you can get well confused and that doesn’t include the Squier stuff which adds another 95 guitars!

Prices can be from £385 to £3149 for the standard models.

Take your pick!


Fender Stratocaster electric guitar

Fender currently have 97 Stratocaster models across the 21 Series with prices from £ to £ and plenty of choice in finishes, pickups, hardware, electronics and necks.


Fender Telecaster electric guitar

There are currently 61 Telecaster models in the catalogue.


Fender Jazzmaster electric guitar

14 models in the range


Fender Mustang electric guitar

7 models in the range


Fender Jaguar electric guitar

6 models in the range


Fender Meteora electric guitar

4 models in the range


Fender Duosonic electric guitar

2 models in the range

Fender Guitar Series:

Limited edition
Acoustasonic Player – Acoustasonic American
American Performer – American Professional II – American Ultra – American Vintage II
Gold Foil
JV Modified
MIJ Artist – MIJ Elemental – MIJ Hybrid II – MIJ Limited Edition – MIJ Traditional
Player – Player Plus
Vintera – Vintera II

Website: www.fender.com

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