Definitely a blue theme in guitars at the ‘mo. Faith, continuing their well-established ‘heavenly-bodies’ naming convention, have released a new Neptune model, a Baby Jumbo no less, with an all-Mango tonewood choice and the beautiful ‘Blue Moon’ blue-burst finish. Priced at £979.00 including a hardcase this could be one of the bargains of the year!

Faith Guitars, founded in 2002, are designed by the legendary British luthier Patrick Eggle and feature elegant, contemporary designs with feather-light build and all-solid timbers.

The entry level models feature a gloss finished Spruce top on satin finished Mahogany back and sides and have a sparkle and shimmer that belies their low price tag. The deluxe models indulge in an all gloss finish and substitute Rosewood for the back and sides giving a more strident, chiming tone. Body styles include the Mercury (L-00 sized parlour), Venus (000 style), Saturn (dreadnaught) and Jupiter (super jumbo). All models are available as electros.

Their latest Series – the PJE Legacy – are high quality and based on Patrick James Eggle’s historic acoustic body shapes.

Patrick’s involvement is not limited to the drawing board; each Faith instrument is checked for quality in Patrick’s workshop on arrival in the UK.


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